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Room 408,Tower C,TEMPO Mansion,NO.115,Sha Zhou Road(West),Zhangjiagang City 215600,JiangSu Province,China

About Us

TOOLPEAKS INDUSTRIES LTD.was found in 1990, commencing manufacturing and selling crafting tools. Now we have formed a series of products , covering handiwork tools of pliers, cutters, reamers, files, scrapbooker's tool, and beadboards. We have been working hard to the best for 15 years.

TOOLPEAKS INDUSTRIES LTD.always emphasized the importance of good customer relations. Today, it still remains committed to that value. TOOLPEAKS is an action-oriented company, committed to continual improvements and advancements in the craft industry. We are dedicated to maintaining, expanding, and strengthening the relationship with our customers.

TOOLPEAKS INDUSTRIES LTD.offers an opportunity for your innovating.
Fine Craft making tools, innovative and enabling craft products for all ages and abilities, helping crafting enthusiasts carry out dreams.
Releasing your effort, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your craft creating.